Upgrading Hikvision DS-7A04HGHI / DS-7B04HGHI-F1 ECO DVR Firmware 

Following steps to upgrade hikvision DVR firmware:

1, Download 4ch eco dvr firmware to your PC. This link for above model DVR only.

2, Extract the digicap.dav file (which is the actual firmware file) from the zipped file you downloaded.

3, Copy that digicap.dav / folder in to your usb drive

4, Remove the USB flash drive from the computer and insert it into one of the DVR USB port.

5, On the DVR, go to the Main Menu, and then go to Maintenance.

6, From the sub-menus on the left click Upgrade. This will display the content of the USB flash drive.

7, Choose the digicab file and press Upgrade.

8, An information window will pop up prompting that the unit will reboot after the upgrade is complete. Click YES.

9, To verify that the firmware has been upgraded, after the DVR is rebooted, go to the Main Menu, and then go to System Information. The current firmware version will be displayed